Tuesday, 17 March 2009


One thing I didn't mention I was going to post on but only briefly was the rugby.

What the hell happened?! To be fair the French fell to pieces didn't they apart from that bit in the second half where they did show up, but the first 50 mins they weren't on the park. You have to say how did the Welsh lose to them? It was like two different teams thier performance, mind you England was the same but in the opposite direction if you get my meaning.

I thought England played with more purpose this time and at least alowed the backs to run with the ball at times. The try in the first 70 seconds from a back move probably helped there.

Frustrating though given if we'd had had better discipline in the other games, esp against Ireland we'd have been much better off in the championship. Still hopefully now we can make that performance what we regularly turn in not a rarity.

Swing low sweet Chariot.. etc. etc. :-)


  1. Swing low sweet Chariot Indeed!!! :)

    Well I've been in and out but trying to catch up. I just feel so darn burned out on everything, or maybe just under the gun or something.

    We gig this saturday and I'm a wreck.

    If we did more regular gigs I guess it'd be routine, but now I'm a ball of nerves and I have too much to do.

    Ok, end of bitchings... lol

    Rugby? Hmmmm.

  2. England kept passing the ball! Goode wasn't there most of the time to kick it away. They looked like a different team. As did France. But the French are always erratic. You never know from one game to the next how they will play.

    As for wales, well, it was a second inexperienced team being tried out. The forwards were well-beaten and when they did get the ball, they kept kicking it away. A back line with incredible potential and they hardly saw the ball.

    Roll on Super Saturday!