Thursday, 26 March 2009

Footy puzzler

Here goes for any footy fans - a little brain teaser.

Name the 3 teams that have played in all four divisions (Prem, Championship, League One and League Two, as now named) this century... i.e. since 2000.

I surpassed myself and got all three in less than 10 mins.


  1. That's an easy one:
    AFC-East and West, NFC-East and West. No team has ever played in all four.

    Oh, not what you meant??? Sorry-only football I know.
    Cheeky American.......I did get in in less than 10 SECONDS though..

  2. I remember that Tony Cottee played in all 4 divisions in ONE SEASON (2000\2001)!!

    Leicester (Prem)
    Norwich (First)
    Millwall (Second) and
    Barnet (Third)

    Not at all what you asked, but surely i get a consolation prize??!!!


  3. @Piley - a good runners up one :-)

  4. Swansea have been pretty erratic. I remember the one week they got to be top of the first division. John Toshack, manager. Now they're in ... I don't know, 2nd?

  5. I would've cheated by looking the answer up ön the net. Had to get the mind gears lubed up for this one...erm...

    Word verification: pickin... brains.

  6. I'll post the answers on Monday if noone gets this over the weekend

  7. Alright - to put you out of your misery... I know no-one gives a shit really but this is known as tension building isn't it...

    1. Bradford
    2. Hull
    3. MK Dons (nee Wimbledon)