Monday, 12 December 2016

Book Reviews - Follow You Home - Mark Edwards, Whiteout - Ken Follett

Follow You Home - Mark Edwards

I've read his two previous novels, both scary thrillers in the spooky sense.  Follow You Home is no different but is perhaps even darker than his previous books.  It starts a few years ago where we meet a couple on their grand backpacking tour of Europe and the fatal mistake of not paying extra for a sleeper compartment on a train travelling into Romania.

Soon they meet an intriguing, if disturbing couple but then are kicked off the train by guards with no paperwork someone having stolen their passports.  What happens after they leave the train?  You don't know as both of them clearly have had to black out of their pasts what happened there.  Fastforward to the present day and they are struggling to get a normal life together.  Continually bad luck seems to dog them - or is it bad luck or is what happened to them after that train ride a curse that is following them around continually.

I real page turner that you can't get away from.  The reveal of what happened is hugely disturbing as it what is the reality of the "curse".  The final reveal at the end too is a brilliant surprise and one that makes you (well me at least) gasp with realisation - which somewhat troubled the lady next to me on the 5:25 home that night!

Two Thumbs Up on the FITUBRS*

Whiteout - Ken Follett

Written about 11 years ago I only bought this as it was a cheap Kindle offer from Amazon.  Anyway - a good thriller if a little unbelievable at points.  We're introduced to a secret pharmaceutical research facility in the highlands of Scotland - need else the play of the plot wouldn't work in South East M25 ringed England.  However this hits the first in consistancy - one of the heroes is the brilliant scientist in charge who is credit with a discovery of a well known drug... well yes but he wouldn't have made millions out of that as that was a corporate product and... he couldn't commute from there to the home counties facilities.  That's ok until... we're told about how his family was brought up in this house in the highlands....  er... that just don't work.  Anyway - ignore that....

Essentially we have a plot to steal from the facility - only our heroine, who is a female ex copper, can thwart it, especially as her ex in the local idiot police inspector who thinks he knows best and has a huge grudge against her.

It is a good thriller but some of the stuff is a bit too long played out and the ridiculous opportunities for ... ".. but no their phone was left in the other jacket.....  not charged up..." etc. was at times a but eyerolling.  Reasonable and interesting as the virus worked on is Ebola years before the recent outbreak.  Worth reading if it is still cheap if you can put aside some of the ... "but surely that doesn't add up" moments.

Two Thumbs Horizontal on the FITUBRS*

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