Thursday, 28 February 2013

Another new song!

Holy Moly I've been busy whilst on a three day break from work.

Another new song. You're Gone - originally written as a solo acoustic piece, this is typical of my main type of writing as a solo singer songwriter I think.  This one is about a relationship breakup - not mine just written from the position of someone who has lost a lover, and it looks like the lover was itchy not to stay in one place ... or with one person maybe?...

Anyway this also features my home build guitar Amber in her first real recording foray - that is the electric sparse chords on her.

Enjoy... comments etc. welcome.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Two new songs.

A couple of days holiday from work so I've been busy recording... :-)

Two new songs.


Sense first broke cover when I did the Live in the Living Room thing, this is the full studio version!

And here is Homeward bound.

Homeward Bound has been a chord pattern looking for a song/lyrics for years, last year I finally wrote the lyrics and this is the final version. The solo was semi-worked out but then took a life of its own. It is possible to jam with yourself? I seem to have done so here the ending just a jam based on how the rhythm part first recorded ended! I was going to fade the solo out but this seems to (almost) work as an ending so left it in! Enjoy

Postscript - In the end I deleted the first version of Sense I'd uploaded and re-uploaded it.  The compression really messed up the sound of the 12 string at the start.  Exporting from Audacity (where I do my final editing) to an uncompressed WAV gave much better result than either MP3 or WAV Compressed...  You learn something new every day...

Sunday, 24 February 2013

3 games in

For anyone in the UK you'll not have failed to notice it is the annual 6nations rugby championship. For some, me included, this is sporting highlight of the winter. 3 games in and England are unbeaten and head the table. My observations.

England have not been 100% in everything but the team has looked very committed and confident the premiership system of releasing  players to the national side is paying off not just in a solid side but those back at the clubs getting match time to grow and show themselves so now we have a load of players competing for all positions. Discipline has been very good less of the daft penalties and good in defence as well not panicking when close to the line.

Players - Brad Barritt at centre has been superb, not perhaps hitting the headlines but brilliant in attack and defence.  Owen Farrell has shown a maturity and composure beyond his years, I hope that his commitment though doesn't lead to any yellow cards as he has been a bit close on a couple of occasions.  Tuilagi was more than brave playing an hour with half his ear hanging off - after the game it took 19 stitches to put it all back together.  That shows the commitment that wasn't there too long ago.

So - Italy at home, you should expect a win but never say never as they can be strong.  Then to Wales for what might be a Grand Slam game but to beat Wales at Cardiff -- hmm...   A great championship at the moment.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

What's wrong with the ones I have?

Mrs F and I are going to a wedding in April - a good friend and colleague of my wife is getting married.

Mrs F and Daughter-of-Furtheron went off to the cathedral of consumerism that is Bluewater yesterday on an "outfit buying" day.  Mrs F was extremely pleased with herself having found a dress, jacket, shoes and handbag.  All good.  She shows me all this when I arrive home last night.  Then came the statement "When are you going to sort out your stuff?".  "What "stuff"?" I ask.  There is one of those moments when Mrs F rolls her eyes.  "You have to at least buy a new shirt and tie!".  "What's wrong with the ones I have?"... I'll never learn will I.   Daughter-of-Furtheron just looks on laughing at my discomfort.

I'm off to do some shopping soon I think...

Monday, 18 February 2013


Last week has been variable ... sounds like I'm giving the shipping forecast here doesn't it!

Monday.  I attended the funeral of an AA friend.  A lovely, bubbly, funny, fun person sadly cut down too early in life through cancer.  The chapel was packed, with a large number of AA friends there showing just how much she was loved and how much she meant to so many of us.  The service was a non religious one, which was very nice.  At one point the lady leading it mentioned a prayer that meant a lot to Lynn and started to recite the Serenity Prayer - the adopted prayer of AA.  Without prompting the AA members present all joined in.  I had to stop before the end as I was so choked up. I don't drink.  I go to AA meetings and am involved in AA service to hopefully spread the word to those suffering alcoholism and to keep me sober.  It has just become a way of life.  Every now and then I'm really really shown how lucky and important this all is in my life.  That was one of those moments.  I've heard others who were there talking about the that moment in the same way.  It was very very special a sad day but also a day to celebrate both her life and how I met and knew her and what we both are a small part of.

Tuesday was interesting.  So I'm going to go public about this, I doubt anyone from work actually reads this blog, I don't actively promote it in that environment etc. so... well what the heck.  Basically on Tuesday I tendered my resignation at work.  After a long time I realise that I'm feeling the same about work here as I did 3 years ago in the company I'd worked at for a long time.  Then I wasn't sure whether these feelings were because I'd grown old in the company as it were, because there had been a lot of changes and it was a contracting environment, 6 months after I left they announced a complete closure of the site, although that was partly reversed later.  But here I am in a different environment with the same feelings.  Feelings of lack of enthusiasm, too much cynicism  etc.  So since around Christmas I've been considering my future.  I feel I need a new different challenge and to move my working career in a new direction.  I've identified a course I plan to enrol on that starts in Sept.  That is one day a week and I need some other time around that to do coursework and look for opportunities to practice what I'm learning on the course in the hope to becoming fully qualified in about year.

As ever things never quiet go the way you intend them.  My boss was disappointed whilst respecting my decision and came back later in the week with a question regarding whether I'd consider going part time.  I had a think about it and said yes - within some constraints, which he has agreed to take on board at the moment.  So the situation now is that he is working with our senior management and HR about whether that can be achieved or not.  If it does then best of both worlds, I retain some income and a foot in the world of work in my profession of 30 years whilst I retrain and look for a new career direction.  We'll wait and see how it goes.

Valentine's Day - for the first time in a very long time it was just Mrs F and I at home together on that evening.  Mrs F cooked a smashing steak meal that was lovely.  She bought me a couple of CDs I was wanting to boot. :-)

Friday was one of those AA "business" meetings.  I don't mind them now when I first got into service at that level I was nervous about how to act, etc. etc. now whilst I can find them tiring I don't find them tiresome. I felt it was a worth while few hours spent that evening sharing views and opinions.  I learn a lot from taking part in them with an open mind as well as a view to state my position or position of those I represent as appropriate.

My brother and sister-in-law popped down to visit yesterday (Sunday) and that was great to see them have a great meal and a catch up - which normally involves my brother and I putting the world to rights about something or other :-)  One thing this year that is different from normal is our basking in Gillingham FCs successes as opposed to failures.  Back to top of the league again!  Seriously can we start to hope for automatic promotion yet?  Shhh... don't say it.

So lots of "stuff" going on.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Amber sound check

Finally got round to recording "Amber"...

Demo is through a Hughes & Ketner 60W 2x12 Dual 6L6 combo, first bit through the clean channel which is a Fender like channel and then through the distortion channel for the second bit.