Thursday, 28 February 2013

Another new song!

Holy Moly I've been busy whilst on a three day break from work.

Another new song. You're Gone - originally written as a solo acoustic piece, this is typical of my main type of writing as a solo singer songwriter I think.  This one is about a relationship breakup - not mine just written from the position of someone who has lost a lover, and it looks like the lover was itchy not to stay in one place ... or with one person maybe?...

Anyway this also features my home build guitar Amber in her first real recording foray - that is the electric sparse chords on her.

Enjoy... comments etc. welcome.


  1. You and Amber make great playing partners! I'm glad you enjoyed your time off from work. The lyrics were great in this.

  2. I'm impressed with Amber. You both done good.