Sunday, 24 February 2013

3 games in

For anyone in the UK you'll not have failed to notice it is the annual 6nations rugby championship. For some, me included, this is sporting highlight of the winter. 3 games in and England are unbeaten and head the table. My observations.

England have not been 100% in everything but the team has looked very committed and confident the premiership system of releasing  players to the national side is paying off not just in a solid side but those back at the clubs getting match time to grow and show themselves so now we have a load of players competing for all positions. Discipline has been very good less of the daft penalties and good in defence as well not panicking when close to the line.

Players - Brad Barritt at centre has been superb, not perhaps hitting the headlines but brilliant in attack and defence.  Owen Farrell has shown a maturity and composure beyond his years, I hope that his commitment though doesn't lead to any yellow cards as he has been a bit close on a couple of occasions.  Tuilagi was more than brave playing an hour with half his ear hanging off - after the game it took 19 stitches to put it all back together.  That shows the commitment that wasn't there too long ago.

So - Italy at home, you should expect a win but never say never as they can be strong.  Then to Wales for what might be a Grand Slam game but to beat Wales at Cardiff -- hmm...   A great championship at the moment.


  1. OK, I'll admit I scanned this post and didn't really read it! Not my thing, rugby.
    So I just popped in to say hi and hope your (secret) plans for new career are progressing well. Love sent to you x

  2. i love the Six Nations, me. Can't fully explain why to myself, as most of the rugby players I've met off the field have been braying jerks. But that's not what counts...

    1. Avoiding stereotypes... I know what you mean. However I do have 3 good friends who are anything but that and regular players so goes to show can't judge a book and all that. :-)

  3. I've always thought that if U.S. audiences ever got a taste of rugby, they'd abandon the National Football League in droves. A superior game than U.S. football that won't be given a proper chance because of firmly entrenched interests within the broadcast networks and front NFL front offices.

  4. That last game will be a tense one!