Saturday, 21 March 2009

DIY and other helpful stuff and John Martyn remembered

I don't know what's come over me... I've drilled/sawed a hole in the back of a cabinet so my daughter could move her stereo to create a "make up desk", then Mrs F suggested I paint the kitchen ceiling which has been an outstanding job for ages and I've got that done.

Couple that with me cooking a curry last night and obviously having to cook dinner tomorrow for Mother's Day I'm not sure what is going on, most unlike me :-)

The French are stuffing the Italians at the moment and I'm awaiting the start of the England game.

I watched the BBC tribute to John Martyn last night, a great documentary made in 2003 as he was having his leg removed and finishing of the Off The Cobbles album. Then an Old Grey Whistle Test gig from 1978. I would have been 15/16 when that was aired, I still remembered it as probably the first time I was introduced to Mr Martyn. Just him, his Martin acoustic with pickup gaffa taped on, a Fender Twin, bunch of effects including of course the Echoplex. May You Never, Couldn't Love You More, Small Hours, Big Muff... just stunning. If you missed it try to catch it on iPlayer you'll not be diapointed.

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