Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Monetise your blog

Is "monetise" a word? It seems another one of these stupid buzz words that will become defacto in the lingua franca through over use ... :-)

Anyway - I saw this link and clicked on it. What people will pay to put an ad on my blog... WTF! I don't even keep counters on who comes here as I ought to simply blog for my own stuff - this is like an open diary where I share what is happening in my life and going on in my head. The first is no doubt boring as I'm simply a regular Joe who gets up goes to work, is married with two kids blah blah blah... The second is a dangerous place and only to be entered with an accompanying responsible adult :-)

Okay seriously though... This blog will not contain any ads of any kind. I might post a recommendation or two but I guarantee that if I ever have any financial interest in something I'll disclose that. One of the reasons I've gone this route is that it is important that I talk about Alcoholics Anonymous on here, it's the most important thing in my life since without my sobriety that AA and it's programme have given me I have nothing. AA has a bunch of traditions that suggest the way it conducts itself.

Tradition 11 is - "Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and film" and Tradition 12 is - "Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities." I'd add today in the modern world "Internet" into the list in 11. That is the reason I'm Furtheron here. Not for some odd personality twist but I think that should try to abide by the tenants of these traditions.

Tradition 6 is - "An AA group ought never endorse, finance, or lend the AA name to any related facility or outside enterprise..." (It continues...) and Tradition seven make reference to declining outside contributions and finally Tradition ten states "AA has no opinion on outside issues".

So a long winded way to say that I mention AA on here and I put links to AA on here and will continue to do so. I would never want to profit in someway from someone coming here to read about recovery and seeing some advert... plus I can't control the ads that are shown I don't believe. A Bud commercial next to a link to an AA site wouldn't be clever now would it?

Therefore this blog will decline outside contributions (monetary), it will screen comments and delete anything that is a clear advert (one of the reasons I have comment moderation on).

AA tradition 3 - "The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking". To paraphrase therefore... "The only requirement for readership of this blog is an interest in the content".


  1. No, but seriously, dude... how can I make money from my blog!!! :-)

    I'm still waiting for the 0.001p that Google Ads owes me for the couple of months I ran them.

    I'm sure it'd be possible to make money by running ads, but it sounds like I'd have to actually work at content as opposed to just letting it happen from time to time!

  2. AA has been solid and life affirming for you, this is a good thing and long may it serve the purpose it did to get you and others through hard and difficult times.

  3. I saw that Monetise thing too. I thought it meant you could make your blog look all blotchy and Impressionist. (Seriously I did.)

    No ads for me either. I hate them!

  4. Ad free is the way to be!
    nope, mister has no eyesight problem, but he does want to see every individual blade of grass growing during the british Open and The Masters. At least now we know what to get him for fathers day or his birthday...a nice blu-ray doo hickey. Besides, have you ever played wii on a 65 inch screen! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  5. @Liz - ROFL!!! Thank you that was so funny...

  6. I remember there was a young gal from the far east doing the blogging rounds trying to poach as many readers as she could to read her blog in order to make a living from the ads she allowed to be displayed on her blog.
    She really thought she could make a living from just that...

    Some people...

  7. with you all the way... i'll hawk the odd band, CD, gig, book, comic etc etc on my site, but ONLY because I like em, and want other to check em out too...

    Don't hold your breath for viagra ads on Start The Revolution Without Me!!!


  8. "The only requirement for readership of this blog is an interest in the content".

    Check. Count me in. I didn't come over here to check out your ads.

  9. I love what you do with your blog, it is honest, it is great for others who have gone through the things you've gone through, and it's always interesting to me.

    I love the guitars too. :))

  10. To be entirely open - Piley that is okay actually if you don't mind... I worked on the team that developed that little pill actually :-) It's still paying the mortgage :-)

  11. and just how could they revolutionise my life Furtheron?? and just HOW surprised would I be at how liitle they cost??!! Just follow which secure link???


  12. You CAN control the ads, at least to an extent.

    "Profitize ! "

    I've got ads on my blog, and I think I made 25 cents last year. PARTY !