Sunday, 15 March 2009

Another moment that shows you what life should be about...

Having had one proud parent post this week it is only right we assure balance and post another one.

Daughter-of-Furtheron got into the 100m breastroke final in the district gala last night. She has never made a final at that level before and whilst not on the top of the rostrum she got a medal!!! She also beat one her old school rivals in her heat which really pleased her.

As dedicated parents we suitably embarrased her when she came out with the medal party cheering and doing a "go girl" dance. :-)


  1. Bless Daughter of Furtheron! and BIG well done to her and you, the parents! Nice one and many more swimming medals to come - I love swimming and swim every week but I ain't good enough for competition lol!

  2. So there's loads to live for despite the dodgy economy?
    Well I never!

  3. That is what parents are for!

    Well done to Daughter-of-Furtheron! The next step will be up the rostrum!