Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Son-of-Furtheron is clearly developing as a guitarist. He is having a protracted conversation, mostly with himself but including me at times, about what should be his next guitar purchase. He truly is my son ;-)

Last year he bought his LTD EC1000 vintage black - very nice, very black, very Metallica, EMG pickups, fast slim U shaped neck...

Now he feels that whilst this is great guitar its predominantly scooped sound via the EMGs isn't as versatile as he'd like given he is branching out in his playing... chords have appeared!!! :-)

So he is pinning for something like my PRS or Gordon Smith, both of which he regularly borrows when back at the family homestead.

So here are his current two choices... Dean Soltero - which is an obvious L** P*** look alike. Or the more PRS like and with a possible vibrato option the Dean Hardtail. I've played a Jap Hardtail briefly once and my memory was it was a nice guitar with a C shaped neck. Reviews say the Soltero has a V shaped neck and this is Son-of-Furtheron's dilemma, so now he is looking for places to try out both side by side. Both have coil taps adding to the versitility as well, although he rarely strays near any single coil style in his repertoire ;-)

However when he mentioned his dilemma on his Facebook page yesterday Mrs F replied with some comment about another guitar not being the priority for a student... :-)


  1. OOh lordy... well it doesn't matter. He'll do what he is drawn to do. What is wrong with music and wanting guitars anyways? Would she complain if he became famous and put y'all up in a huge mansion?? :))

  2. They're both good lookers. I've seen a US Dean Hardtail in spalted maple in GAK (Brighton) - he can try it there otherwise it might be a daytrip uptown to try both.
    Better still, if he can wait until the London Guitar Show...

  3. I'd be with the wife..Im way too practical about all this stuff .:(

    you sound so much happier since you've been unemployed .

    and your so lucky that they cant take the house away ..loads of people might be living in cardboard boxes soon