Friday, 27 March 2009

Is it that time already?

Or rather - Am I that age already? :-)

I go swimming normally 2 or 3 times a week first thing in the morning. Have done for years, the pool I go to has an early riser discount deal and is good as it has a large 25m fitness pool with at least two lanes available for lane swimming. There is a slow and a fast lane. I've always been in the fast lane. Today there were about 5 of us in there, a reasonably busy day which is typical for a Friday but okay. However I soon noticed as I chugged my way through my mile all breaststroke that everyone else was faster than me and I was regularly being overtaken. That is the first time I can remember that ever happening, I'm not always the fastest in the lane but I can't rememeber ever being the slowest.

Oh dear am I to be consigned to the slow lane? Is this just an inevitable outcome of my age?


  1. Yes. Yes...

    ...and only kidding.

    My mum's [cough] 75 and she still plays regular tennis and goes swimming several times a week. If you met her you'd probably think she was 60.

    Keep up with the swimming. You may be the slowest there, but you'll stay ahead of the pack on dry land!

  2. Ho Ho...

    I'm still in the Swimathon next month - my 20th anniversary of that particular brand of insanity. If I get under 1hr 45min I'll be happy

  3. It works! Yes, and it makes life so simple. But I have to come to the blog if I want to comment, right?

    Doing one length slowly is an achievement for me so I bow to your excellence.

    Ha, ha, my verifier is bedless!

  4. we won't actually be responsible for buying the house until it passes inspection.
    I congratulate you for speaking to the class that you did, many children like this are very prone to addictions. I say children because they really are. My son will be 38 this year, but he is still a child mentally and is very prone to overdo, and takes meds on top of that.

  5. Well sir, I am sorry to be the one to break it to you but, you have a serious case of the O L D's.

    No pussy footing aroud it! Relax, I'm right there with you every step of the way. It would seem we are in some good company and personally I wouldn't want to go back there now that I'm here.

    Read my post today. Even us oldies can feel new again. It's all in the mind!

  6. Sorry for the short comment, but - YEP.