Saturday, 14 March 2009

Clashes and confusion

I'm supposed to be on this career continuation course in London Mon/Tues... Now I have an interview for this job at my current place on Tuesday pm... Darn!

Plus the last week I've really moved more to looking outside and talking to agencies etc. Hell I hate making decisions, can someone else make one for me and then I can blame you when it goes all wrong. :-)


  1. Think yourself fortunate. I've got nothing going on at present other than a load of old time wasters. You seem to be doing OK in so much that you have irons in the fire. Aren't you ever happy?

  2. Please feel free to blame me. As a a union rep I'm used to it.

    Anyroad, DILLIGAF?

    You'll get where you're going mate. Don't worry so much. I know these things. Trust me I'm from Oldham...

  3. @magicship - er no! Sorry!.... :-)