Friday, 20 March 2009

Book Review – The Judas Strain, James Rollins

I bought this on a “buy one get one half price” deal in WH Smiths I think. I wanted Attila the Judgement and got this due to the deal really.

Not a bad thriller if you like unbelievable James Bond like adventures. Actually a lot of the story line is based on some facts that Mr Rollins points out at the end of the book. Some of these include… On Marco Polo’s return journey from the Far East the majority of the ships in the fleet and the men were lost. Marco had possession of a jewelled head band of the Princess he’d accompanied to Southern Iran on the first part of the journey. If you study all of our DNA, including that which modern Biologist claim to be purely “junk”, you find a discernable pattern which reflects very similarly to the pattern most human languages take in their written/spoken form.

The modern day part of the story revolves around an outbreak of a horrendous plague in a remote island. Quickly members of Sigma, a crack USA secret agent team, are involved in more than one thread against their arch rivals the secretive Guild who’s worldwide empire has tentacles everywhere and will stop at nothing for world domination… sorry getting a bit carried away there. :-)

Good light read with the plot flipping about all over the world and the surreal world of international agents and secret crime empires allowing licence for private armies, fast transport etc. to be conjured up so the plot doesn’t have to slow down for an economy flight with stop over and check in!

Reasonably recommended as a light read. Clearly I’ve missed previous books in the series due to the “history” between characters, I might see if I can backtrack via the second hand bookshop next time I’m there.

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