Wednesday, 11 March 2009

It's your birthday!

My brother was 50 yesterday, the old git! Ha ha! Actually there is a bit of a running family gag here which I perpetuated in the card I sent him about running out of time since all our direct male antecedents have died before they were 60. So he is "into the last ten" as I keep telling him.

So this is what I bought him as a present.

Useful, practical, witty, amusing, talking point and just the wrong side of the political correctness of the early 21st century. My sister ticked me off about it when I told her but true to form he had it all set up already last night when I called him and thought it very good.

Now here is a thing. His birthday is 10th March or 10/3 if you use the UK shorthand (3/10 for my US readers). My birthday is 3rd October or 3/10 (again 10/3 for US folks). Isn't that odd that we have the reverse birthday of each other, how did our Mum organise that one?

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