Monday, 2 March 2009

Life goes on.

So the sun is shining – what a difference that can make to your mood. Yesterday I did some gardening. That is a dangerous thing as I don’t really have an ability to differentiate between weeds and plants and can at times be very over zealous in my pruning methods. But Mrs F approved of the trimming back that I’d done.

Son-of-Furtheron is very happy at the moment. He got his first results back at the end of last week. Let’s just say he has nothing to worry about lots of 90% plus results! I think his lowest was still about 70% so his choice of uni and course look to have been spot on.

We went on a shopping expedition on Saturday to the dreaded Bluewater. Bad news! The music shop has shut down! I thought is looked like it was headed that way a few weeks back as the stock was low and a 33% off many items sale. With Zavvi now resembling a boot fair most of the time, they didn’t even have CDs in the charts in stock?! I’m a bit stuck for shops to visit whilst awaiting the girls returning from the various clothes shops. Still I did manage to get a present for my brother who is 50 next week which I think he’ll approve of.

So I think I’m on a bit of a climb out of the hole/rut I’ve been in the last few days. As Mrs F says “whatever happens they can’t take the house away” They might cut off the gas and we’ll have to burn the doors to keep warm but hey we will survive. :-)

Another dismal performance by England on Saturday. The defence wasn’t bad at all at times, apart from obvious handling in the ruck in front of the referee when he has just given the captain a warning and the other ludicrous infringement that I’ll not discuss. How can we ever expect to win a match when we seem intent on trying to play constantly with on 14 men on the pitch! They might moan we are a target for the referees but to be fair we are somewhat helping them aren’t we. The try at the end was a sign that if we play expansive rugby with confidence we’ll score but all too little too late really.


  1. Glad your perking up old bean.

    Is that the odd game with the funny shaped ball you're on about?

    Very strange.

    Mind you Oldham drew with Leeds tonight and they played in pink!!! Still at least it was a sensible shaped ball ;-)

  2. Yes Preacher it is the game play by butch men with funny shaped balls.

    I saw the Oldham result and thought that'd please you.

  3. we;; dopne to (what have I typed there? Let's try again!)

    Well done to Son-of-F. But he'll have to learn to be careful what he writes on his Facebook page!

    And just think: you could have been in the changing-room on the other end of a Martin Johnson 'talk'.