Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pictures to look at

My brother, his fiancee, our nephew and soon to be step-niece (can you have a step-niece?) came over yesterday.

Now when my Mum passed away a few years ago we found loads of old slides that my Dad had taken with his old Kodak camera. My brother took them and has painstakingly been scanning them in. He gave me a disk with them all on yesterday. Huge memories of happy family times when we were kids. And much laughter at my fashion sense... or lack of it... the old haircuts etc. etc. Holidays in Herne Bay and later Isle of Wight, days out at Broadstairs and Ramsgate. All brilliant stuff.

We only got through a small amount... I need to spend more time with it. Also old photos of my Mum and Dads wedding which was great and also others of the family including "spot the relative" which are old photos that we have no idea who is who in them. I reckon one of them was our great grandmother and father from the facial features but who knows.


  1. i love old photos ..i recently saw a photo of my grandfathers mother ..I had never seen a photo of her ever , she had died when she was 35 ..
    So it was sad and bittersweet..
    I loved her just looking at her sad face and knowing she's a part of me :)

  2. Why is everyone elses mother dead except mine?

    It really isn't fair you know.

    My great great grandad was Mayor of Oldham. Got a pic somewhere.

  3. great stuff! Sounds like all the hard works been done now, but have you seen those new gizmos where you feed in old negs or slides, press a button and hey presto, out pop digital photos? Amazing bit of kit, I've used one, and it really is that easy and that quick! Great quality too.

    Worth a think about if there are more old pics still to convert.


  4. How fun.I am trying to trace my family tree, especially on my paternal side. As far as I can get on his mother is, she doesn't seem to have been born...no birth certificate, but that is probably because she was Indian and born at home. My Grandfathers side I can get his mother but no real information because she immigrated from GB as a child. It would be great to know who those old timers were.. so show us our baby piccys heheheh

  5. @punxxi - if from GB you should look at UK sites like ancestry.com where they have up census etc. information - if you know her rough age and where in GB she came from.