Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jeff Beck - Emotion & Commotion

I've been listening to this via Spotify and have had no option but to order the special edition with a live set DVD included.

Absolutely and utterly simply stunning.

Jaw droppingly beautiful.

His version of Nessun Dorma is amazing, Serene floats you away to a colourful river under a pink sky where it is warm and the world is at one with you and you with it. The bluesy I Put A Spell On You with Joss Stone is ace... but the opening Corpus Christi Carol and the unbelievable closing Elegy For Dunkirk completely restore your faith in music and how there are some a very small number of humans (or maybe they are alien :-)) who can connect to your emotional inner self through the medium of music so directly so forcefully it blows you quite simply away.

So difficult to classify is it rock, blues, jazz or classical? Yes! The man is quite simply a blinking genius.

BTW until today Slash's new solo album had shot into my consciousness as one of the best albums of the year... which it is. Great rock n roll, with the variety of styles he can write/play being just brilliant but then this arrives... sorry Slash old chap but Mr Beck is simply on a different universal plane from the rest of us this album should be mandatory listening for anyone interested in guitar playing. Actually scrap the national curiculum in music and just get students to listen to this!

Right off to put an axe through my guitars as I'll never get within a light year of this guy....


  1. Nooooooooooo don't do it!

    My other half used to play in a band and left as the music changed and he didnt like it. went from heavy rock ro that noisy stuff lol..
    Still has his left handed Gibson SG, once owned by Tony Iommi.. he keeps threatening to sell but not sure if he ever will.
    Trace xx

  2. Interesting...I never would have tapped you for a Slash guy...

  3. Saw Jeff Beck in Manchester at 16 years old.

    Never ever forgotten it.