Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Just what I didn't need...

I had a letter to post this morning. So as I do on many days when I need to do that I leave my house turn right at the end of the road go a hundred yards or so and pull up on the right next to the post box. I jump out to put the letter in the post box - noting that a car was pulling off the drive just up from where I was parked. As I put the letter in... smash!

I turned back to see that the lady backing out had clearly not seen my car and reversed into it! Brilliant! It's only superficial damage to the bumper and as currently it is still a company car on a lease scheme it is now their problem to fix and does't cost me a penny.

But something I could really have done without thank you very much!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh No!!! Well, like you said, it won't cost you anything and the damage is superficial, so don't let it worry you. Life is too short to worry about superficial stuff!