Saturday, 17 April 2010

Back from Wales

We've been over to Wales to drop my son back off at university.

Lovely weather for a couple of days. Makes a change in Wales. Not a bad drive - M1 a bit stuffed up with ghouls rubber necking what looked to be an awful crash on the north bound carriageway.

Gillingham - can't beat Brighton but can beat Leeds - go figure! What chance we do actually avoid the drop?

I also think a Red Bull will win in China tomorrow.


  1. Been lovely weather up here too, love the sunshine not too keen on rubber neckers though.. they make me want to shout at them to stop been nosey and watch the road!!

  2. I would leap to the defence of the Welsh weather but it's true: we have a lot of rain. But the last few weeks have been beautiful. Everything is very dry.