Monday, 12 April 2010

My Thumb hurts

It was a "pleasant valley Sunday" yesterday. I actually forgot I was supposed to go somewhere for an AA workshop... oopps! Never mind I can catch up on that later.

Anyway - I had to put a new "soil spike" in - it's the thing in the lawn that is the hold to put the new washing line into. Hell's teeth! I think there was more bricks under our lawn than in the house! Much swearing, a couple of pieces of broken wood an it was in. However it is distorted as it has had to find a gap in the bricks under my lawn - the pole still goes in but the cover will never close now.

Then I tried to help Mrs F re tie a wire that holds a bush thing up against the fence. The nail came out so I put a new one in... and hit my thumb... me and hammers don't get on!

Highlights of the weekend... we went to Rye for the day Saturday, lovely little town with nice cafes etc and a load of junk... sorry antique shops to look at. There's a good guitar shop there as well so my son and I were lusting after some nice PRS's and a lovely second hand Les Paul. My first attempt at a new curry recipe was a reasonable success although everybody reckoned it could do with yogurt in it as just water was too running and I added Cornflour to thicken it but as I say they all said try Yogurt next time.

My daughter baked a lovely Victoria Sponge which had already about half gone in the afternoon!


  1. Hiya
    Hope you don't mind me popping by? i hopped over from "Moments in Surburbia"
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. And please post your curry recipe on here as i love curry, the hotter the better but they all seem to taste the same when i make them..

  2. The last post.. did it have my name on it? my laptop is going mental.. hope it did as then you can follow my blog too xxx


  3. perhaps you and I should both stay out of gardens.