Saturday, 10 April 2010

One of the many old photos of me ....

To answer some of the questions...

Where - Ramsgate Model Village (long since sadly departed)
When - I think summer of 68 or 69

I liked it cos I look so obviously in the mode "Stand there and I'll take your photo".

The kids have spotted that many are taken in model villages, at steam railways or on the beach. All the things we did as a family when our kids were younger... maybe there is a lot to the nuture side of parenting... :-)


  1. Arrrrgh!!! Village Of The Damned!!!...;-)

  2. You were a big lad, weren't you? Did you have to sleep in an aircraft hanger?

  3. @istvanski - during my Gullvier days :-)

  4. Have you grown up, or down?!

    Where was it taken?

  5. Oh yes, model villages, steam railways. We did all that too. What a cutiepie you were!