Thursday, 15 April 2010

Oliver! Birthday celebrations

Yesterday was Mrs F's fortysomething birthday. We went to London to see Oliver! Very good I have to say. Obviously it has to be one of the best know musicals is there anyone who doesn't know Food Glourious Food, Pick a pocket or two etc. or the Oliver Twist story.

Griff Rhys Jones was playing Fagin and played it very well he did. Enough of "him" in it for himself to shine through but keeping the much loved characterisation popularised in the film. Pretty much the cast especially the boys playing Oliver, Dodger and the other urchins were brilliant.

One thing that really impressed me though was the scenery. There was much use of bits going up and down to create Fagin's Den but also bridges etc. However it was the back scenes and use of brilliant side scenes that made the stage look to be miles deep and really added hugely to the atmosphere.

We had a meal in Covent Garden - gave my Mother-in-law and daughter their first trips on the new "high speed service" - actaully it is only a few mins quicker for us given where we are in relation to London but St Pancras is a much nicer station - even if it is a bit further out - however for Covent Garden it's only 3 stops on the Piccadilly line so actually easier than Victoria which would have meant longer tube journey, changes and or longer walks.

Great day out.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in the Big London.. I get lost swapping underground trains ( is that what they're called?) Oliver is great, unfortunatly anything like this rarely gets OOppp North :(

  2. Hey! Sounds fab and you sound content :)

  3. My favorite bit of theatre is seeing how thw scenery and backdrops take you right into the whole thing, especially at the Exchange Man. where you are all round it. Oh and that's oopp north!

  4. sounds like a tip top night. I have a few reservations about EVERY bloomin theatre in London having a musical on (whatever happened to 'theatre' in the theatre?!), but can't grumble at Oliver, one of the best musicals in my book.

    Happy fourtysomething Mrs Further!


  5. Belated happy birthday wishes to Mrs F!

  6. It is a great musical. Griff Rhys Jones as Fagin? Yes, I can imagine it.