Friday, 30 April 2010

D Day

Well nearly. D Day of course is 6th June but my D day is now 1st June. i.e. the day I leave my employment after 18 years 11 months.

So the last couple of years I've found difficult - I like many of the people I work with - they are funny, intelligent, loyal etc. I get paid a ridiculous amount of money esp when you look at what those in developing nations get paid. The buildings are nice etc. However I seem disconnected from the main purpose of our business, I don't disagree with it which was my issue when I moved on from a defence contractor once many years ago but in the job I do now I'm just more removed from the "real work" of the company - I've become an IT outsourcing account manager just on the side of the parent company not the outsourcer. Also the company in the UK is contracting and has been for some time... all manufacturing has gone to Ireland and elsewhere (better corporation tax) buildings have shut other bits are being relocated to mainland Europe etc. So I found work had become a real drudgery.

An opportunity presented itself with a reorganisation and I'm being made redundant which has benefits of a good package, some help on career and financial planning etc.

Last night though having had the definite date seemed to make it all a bit mad. I know I'm ok with it but suddenly I didn't feel it all the "I'll never work again", "We'll lose everything" thoughts started rotating.

I need to regain some balance - there are very good reasons for moving on - this time last year I almost thought there'd be no choice and I got another year out of it luckily. So deep breaths needed for a little while.


  1. Good luck ! The job market SUCKS worldwide !

  2. Well
    If all fails, just make guitar videos.
    Step by step sort of thing. In this country things like that are in so much demand. Just an Idea.

  3. I have thought about guitar teaching I just don't think I'm good enough to teach it really - and I never really learnt in a structured way apart from my classical lessons...

    However a thought

  4. I think that's very good news! Congratulations on your decision and very good wishes for the rest of your life and all it will bring you.