Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hey Big Spender!!!

... that was one of the highlights of my first ever "gig" sober playing with other musicians. Sat night was a mate's celebration - very odd a private party for alcoholics in a hired bar in a small local theatre - my daughter found that we were in the bar the funniest bit. The mate in question is a bass player and in a trio with a singer and keyboards... somewhere along the line he asked me to take part.

So I turn up about an hour before everyone else - we run through Green Onions (in G not F which I knew it in!) and talk about a couple of other things. Then we were into the "show".

Most of the time I was sight reading over the shoulder of the keyboard player. What a nightmare! However I did get through it - several people commented that it was good and when I told them it was all without rehearsal they were surprised, so I suppose that is a compliment.


  1. Sounds like you had a great night.such a buzz to -lay and sing with other musicians!

  2. That is actually quite awesome sans rehersal! You are very good!
    I think we may be renting to an oncology nurse, but I don't want to avail myself of her services, thank you very much!