Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Getting old (er)

So I blogged about this a little while back in March.

It is that time! I'm clearly getting old(er). Today I had to move out of the fast lane at swimming as I was clearly getting in the way of the young(er) and fitter who wanted to get past this ageing numpty who plods along doing breaststroke. The other thing is that there are more people swimming these days. Time was if there were 3 of us in the fast lane that was a busy day, now it's regular 5 or 6 or more and that's a little crowded anyways.

Unfortunately I'm too fast for the slow lane and don't want to go in there and upset the "never get the hair wet" brigade as they enjoy their slow swimming - to be honest I think of it as floating with some forward motion - and don't want some fool splashing past them every other length.

So I was in the "open swimming" bit, which was okay but some folks don't just swim up and down but sideways and also that's where you get the "swim in a line having a chat" crew. Again they have a right to that but given most of them are pensioners - why the hell are they there at 7am! They have the rest of the day, some of us are still employed and paying the taxes so they can get in for free.

So I have to say sadly after 20plus years suddenly I don't feel comfortable swimming any more and I might have to give it up I think. That won't be good it's the only sodding exercise I do these days. I might have to go back to the gym who I still pay my subs to but never use, but that's always full of people who look like something out of a muscle movie... or "knobs" as my daughter called them last night as we walked past some after swimming practice. I think that wasn't the impression the guys pumping iron were looking for.

I need a pool that has a lane that is okay with a predominantly breaststroke swimmer who is just sub 25mins for 50 lengths on a good day. Somehow they don't seem to advertise that way do they?


  1. They are called David Lloyd or Crown Leisure these days. Cost you around £80 pm just to swim in the kind of lonley conditions you describe mate. Was a member of one for years and never went. Reckoned it cost me about £200 for every visit.

    Get yer arse into gear and get some excercise coming up to Twickenham this Saturday night.

  2. You can't give up after 20 years?!!

  3. Hey less of the ageist talk about pensioners matey!!!

    By the way drop me an email about your previous post regarding the sad news about one of our ex admins if I know her please

  4. bummer... cant you do another stroke a bit quicker??! front crawl should make you shift a bit more surely???!

    I know, I know, i'm not helping...


  5. you need to get yourself a lap pool!

  6. @piley - Front crawl plays havoc with my crumbling spine problem unfortunately. Very rarely can I do more than 20 lengths all crawl also I'm slower normally front crawl than breaststroke - I know that's weird but that's me...