Sunday, 26 July 2009

New Amp

Oh dear I think I've annoyed Mrs F as I bought one of these...


  1. You could've pissed her off bigtime by buying a Dumble. Count your blessings and enjoy.

  2. As the youngun's say OMG...must sound fab. I've got a H & K 15 watt blue series and the sound is incredible. Warmer than Marshall, cleaner than Fender and gives every guitar a lift without being intrusive..They are the BMWs of amps - that newy of yours must play like a dream.

    PS I've included The Ventures version of Caravan in mine and Piley's second podcast - well worth an earful for the nimble fingered fretwork.

    Oh and watch out for a Shadows tune in the next one..

  3. Sort of a "Whoops" moment I presume!!

  4. What? Has she no sense of humour,history or what makes a guy happy??

  5. @ Mondo - With you the crunch is very warm and satisfying and has good range of sounds.

    The clean is much cleaner than a lot of channels on other amps - Marshall for example and is well voiced like a Fender.

    60W frankly is a bit dumb for home use but the plan is to get gigging again and it'll come into it's own in a band setting.