Friday, 24 July 2009

Every journey begins with a step

Is that a Zen one or Mau? Hang on... just off to check in another tab on the browser... Confucius - and I've misquoted as always. Never mind

Back to the plot. I've put an ad up on PartySounds which several people had recommended, I'd tried Rock-Til-You-Drop but there aren't enough people on there in my area I think, although I've linked up with one guy in a prog rock type band and we are hoping to meet up at a local jam night which might be useful.

Anyway I've had a couple of replies to the ad which was looking for musicians to form a band. The bass player I've connected with sounds ideal in terms of thoughts, he is mature like me :-) so has the job, family etc. commitments and is looking for a "hobby" band to play a range of covers and original stuff, gig occasionally and maybe record the new stuff for either internet or CD exposure. Spot on. I'm following up the other lead for another guitarist and then we need to get together to test the chemistry and plan some form of "set list" to kick off a jam. Drummer... need a drummer - or do I buy a drum machine? :-) Singer as well... I've an awful feeling vocal duties might fall to me if not and trust me that'll doom the whole thing!

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  1. Well done. One step at a time and don't expect the earth. Let it come gradually. And yes, if nobody else volunteers, it's down to you to step up to the plate. Just relax and have fun. Nobody is going to try and score points off one another. And if they try, ask them not to stop by next week etc. Easy.