Monday, 13 July 2009

What I achieved over the weekend

This was a one of those weekends where nothing happened but a lot happened if you get my drift.

Friday after work I cleared out a blocked gutter downpipe. I hate that job and only do it when it has to be done, it involves me up a ladder which is not a combination that is good. I hate ladders and being someone who suffers balance issues not surprising. Still all done with my sons help. I then cooked a Roganjosh for Mrs F and I. Oh yes my prize from the guitarnoize comp turned up to much excitement as well.Then it was an AA business meeting for 3 hours in the evening which was okay but meant sadly I missed Daughter-of-Further on getting a 2nd place in a swimming gala.

Saturday - we went out to lunch to celebrate my son getting great results in his first year in uni, everything was pretty much above 90% which was excellent. He works very hard and should be very proud, we were also celebrating D-o-F's success as well as she's had good end of year results, nearly top of the year in Science and a brilliant Spanish result among the highlights. I put a couple of the new straps from my prize to good use and let Son-of-Furtheron take one of the leather ones for his Ltd EC-1000. In the evening Mrs F and I went to one of her best friends 40th birthday bash. It was fancy dress... groan!! I don't really do fancy dress, or parties pretty much. Still Mrs F and I went as Marc Anthony and Cleopatra - so I spent sometime learning the first part of March Anthony's famous "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech from Julius Caesar but that didn't seem to be understood at the party by those I tried it on. Never mind.

Sunday - up early, bad news given it must have been gone 1am by the time we got to bed after the party as I had to be at another AA business meeting - bad planning that 2 on the same weekend still never mind. That was a profitable meeting and in the afternoon having watched the GP I got on the computer and stuck into a few of my AA service actions - updating our local website, creating a spreadsheet to track something and looking up some people to invite to a seminar we're putting together.

Good weekend all round

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  1. Photos please! No excuses.

    Is it the end of SoF's first year already? Doesn't time fly?