Thursday, 23 July 2009

Quiet here isn’t it.

It’s been quiet over the last week on here hasn’t it. One reason for that is that I’ve not been feeling great currently. I don’t know what it is exactly. Over the weekend I thought it was Swine Flu as I had a sore throat and a headache and felt hot but didn’t really have a temperature. Then I thought it was getting better but really I still don’t feel right. My eyes have been stinging and my back has been hurting the last couple of days, not a normal back pain almost like something inside is hurting. I don’t know you get to your late 40s and you start falling to pieces! :-)

Work is very busy. Since taking this new role on in May I’ve been waiting for it to settle down and get to a normal level of activity and for some of the ambiguity that goes with any new role settling down. It isn’t. Maybe it’ll always be like this – dealing with ambiguity and juggling too many activities might be the best characteristics to develop in the near term.

The good news is that in less than 3 weeks we’ll be on our summer holiday, the bad news is we don’t really do relaxing holidays. This year we off on a tour of the USA visiting where I have worked in the past in Connecticut and also spending a longer time than we have before in Boston as we all rate that as a lovely city and want to look about it some more. But that’s hardly lying by a pool for two weeks doing nothing which would possibly be the best thing for me. Still I should be flipping grateful I can have a holiday like that anyway.

I suppose part of my malaise this week is that the rest of the household are now all care free until September. Son-of-Furtheron has been on hols since June – students have a great life really don’t they? Daughter-of-Furtheron broke up from school on Friday and yesterday was Mrs F’s last day. So this morning at 6am I hit the snooze button rather than my usual jump straight out of bed. I took Mrs F a cuppa in bed as normally she arrives downstairs after the snooze on the alarm clock just as I’m finishing my breakfast and heading upstairs for a wash. We normally shuffle past each other somewhere in the kitchen and grunt some form of acknowledgement – isn’t love grand. Today after my wash Mrs F still wasn’t up – which is fair frankly given she hasn’t got to get D-o-F up and get to work herself. Jealous? Too right I am! Still long weekend to look forward to, we’re off to the O2 to look at the British Music Experience, we might try to get to see the Harry Potter movie as well. Mrs F and I need to come up with something rip roaringly exciting to do on Monday to celebrate our 24 years of blissfully happy marriage… that’ll be going shopping at Bluewater then as we rarely seem able to come up with an alternative when faced with these kinds of decisions.


  1. Oh come on, you've got to do better than that for your anniversary! A picnic! A surprise picnic. Girls love that. (Yes, my husband didn't and you probably won't but Mrs F will I'm sure.)

  2. Oh come on! You have to do something more romantic than that?!!!

    Sorry you have been feeling under the weather, my friend from work is off with similar symptoms to yours, there's definitely something about!

    I hope your holiday is great, even if not restful, you could still have a few late morning cups of tea in bed in Boston!

  3. take a balloon ride!
    also feel better soon!