Sunday, 26 July 2009

Weekend stuff

Started off mixed with me buying my new amp. I think Mrs F is okay about it. It was "shop worn" and therefore cheap - only £600! It has a great sound, my Les Paul sounds "awesome" through it according to Son-of-Furtheron.

We went to the O2 to see the British Music Experience - not a bad day out. We enjoyed ourselves anyway. You can even watch yourselves dancing on-line once you get back home. Oh Dear! Then we went to see the latest Harry Potter movie - again not bad, I only read up to about book 4 I think so can't compare with the novel.

Sunday was a do nothing day but watch the motor racing and play guitar.

Something happened over the weekend that was upsetting, I'll not go into the details as that's not fair on those involved but when you see someone you love very badly hurt by someone and there is very little to do that is one of the worst feelings isn't it? Whatever you do you feel it's not enough because you can't fix the problem as it's not fixable as such. You can only be there and listen and support. I've found the last couple of days very difficult though.

Today is our anniversary and it's pouring with rain but we're heading out for a meal somewhere.


  1. Happy anniversary for yesterday. Hope you had a good day.

    When Daughter was in school she hung out with two girls, then one turned the other against her. I was ready to kill that girl. Every time I saw her coming out of school I scowled at her and thought nasty things. Duaghter got over it much quicker than i did.

  2. Happy Anniversay!

    It is raining here too!

  3. In reference to what your friend is going through, its just another reminder that I had this foolish idea as a youth that as I got older, life would get easier. But as I look around, and hear stories like that, I realize when it comes to life and relationships, it just seems to get harder. Isnt age and experience a burden sometimes?

    Raining? Been over 100 degrees here ten days in a row. Thats sunny Central California for ya!