Friday, 24 July 2009

My kids are great

An odd looking envelope arrived for Son-of-Furtheron arrived yesterday, it was a large A4 one which had come from the university but had a hand written address on it which was sort of odd. He was out with his mate and arrived home in the evening, shocking us all by the way as he'd been into the Next sale and bought a couple of nice shirts, he doesn't do clothes shopping normally only with us cajoling him into.

Anyway the letter was from the head of his course, he'd one a prize as the most deserving student of the year! Brilliant - the prize is in memory of some old professor and there was a certificate in the envelope. He thoroughly deserves it, he works hard and is committed.

Later on Daughter-of-Furtheron, him and I were watching Mock the Week one of our favourite shows, we've only just introduced D-o-F to it. There was more than one occasion when he and I were laughing at a Frankie Boyle one liner and she looked blankly.

"I don't know what he meant but I think I do"
"If you don't know, don't ask love I'll not explain"
"Oh it was that then... that's disgusting"


  1. Congrats on the exciting prize. That is admirable. And the last part cracked me up.

  2. How exciting! Big congratulations to S-o-F!

    Frankie Boyle can be very rude!