Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Another reminder

About 7 - 6 years ago we had a young admin assistant in our dept who was very good, very efficient. I remember her as a very quiet, lovely girl (lady I should probably say but she's a lot younger than I). Sadly in one of our ever continuing downsizing episodes she left to work for a different department in the company.

Sadly I heard yesterday that during the birth of her second child she has suffered a massive stroke and although now stable and begining to make the first slow steps of recovery she'll be in hospital for weeks and of course there is no knowing what her level of recovery will be.

She is only 27. That may well be a blessing for her future recovery but makes you realise how grateful we should be just for the very basics of health etc. I was reminded of the BodyWorlds exhibition I posted about the other day - the wonder of life and health and our bodies and also the complexity and fragility of it all.

Hug a loved one today (if a loved one isn't available hug a stranger but be careful who you select maybe :-)) - have a laugh, be happy cos you are in a good place aren't you?

The baby you'll be glad to know is fine.


  1. I hugged an old lady who looked like she needed it. I've still got the handbag bruises to prove it.

  2. May God bless the poor woman and her family. How horrific. Yes, we are in a good place.

  3. In a great place...California summer. BBQ, swims in the pool, cold beer...and i appreciate it all. Finally. I think at 40 I now finally realize the importance of the little pleasures life brings....because it is those very things that make life worthwhile. We spend too much time in our youth waiting...for something...and life passes by. We get older and realize that the best life has to offer is the very moment youre in right now. Youth doesnt understand that. Us 40 year olds do.

  4. Gosh, poor woman I hope she makes a full recovery. Just goes to show we don't know what life has in store. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for what we have :)

  5. over from Suburbia..and enjoying the ride...
    think I will follow you if thats ok..