Monday, 29 June 2009

Having a body to die for.

I had a couple of days off at the end of last week. Good! Sadly the email and meeting maelstrom I’ve returned to at work however makes me wonder if it was worth it. Yes it was.

Firstly Mrs F and I had a day out together – just us. Which to be honest is a rare event in itself. So given the lovely weather and this moment of freedom what did we do? Go for a romantic hand in hand walk by a river? Have a picnic in the sun in the woods? No. We went to the O2 to see the BodyWorlds exhibition. I know – we’re mad!

However I recommend the exhibit whole heartedly. Mrs F had taken my son and a friend last year and on her recommendation we’d planned a return for her for me to see it as well. I’m not great with bodies and all that frankly so had expected to be a bit put off but as Mrs F had told me it was fascinating on many levels. Firstly the process itself to plasticise the donated bodies is something to marvel at. Then to actually see real bodies exposed like that is another. Finally the info it gives you about health etc. makes you really stop and think about your own body and whether you take enough care of it. Anyone who smokes should go there and see the different lungs if you want a reason to reconsider that particular vice. Another thing that made me wonder was the people who give their bodies to this… I suppose it’s one way to be remembered. Maybe Mrs F can get me plasticised and stick me in the corner next to the CD player. However for two bodies in particular who are posed in the act of procreation as part of a tableau called "Suspended Act" I wondered did these people ask for this? To be forever locked into a frozen act of fornication for eternity. Interesting, fascinating, thought provoking but… also … odd.


  1. Oh er, I'm not sure I would like that.

    Real bodies? Plasticised? Shudder!

  2. That is a really wonderful exhibition, altho I have only seen it on screen, I thought it was fascinating. Maybe because I was used to seeing real people cut up it didn't bother me.