Friday, 5 June 2009

Who's out there

I recently stuck one of those who-has-been-on-your-blog gadget things. Someone else have one on their blog and I just thought it interesting. More than I expected. I get many more "hits" than "comments" which is I believe the normal trend. However one of the interesting things is the kinds of things people search on that means they find this here little blog in the backwaters of cyberspace. Often it is people searching for book reviews or often about music artists I've featured in posts - notably recently the late great John Martyn and the recent Peter Green BBC documentary. The Beeb should pay me commission you know... :-)

The book review thing is what took me by surprise. A while back blogger offered this now "monetise" your blog thing. I'll not change from my principle that I set out then, this blog mentions AA a lot and I'd hate for any association between AA and anything else be misconstrued. However made me think about book reviews etc. being a way to get people on your site - seems to be my big hitter.

BTW to anyone who has just found here through a quirk of google please say hi via an Anon comment.

We're off to visit Wales this weekend as Son-of-Furtheron has completed his first year at Uni.. hell that went quick!

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  1. The academic year seems to pass so quickly. My TG has 7 weeks left and in September will be in year 8. I feel old!!!