Friday, 12 June 2009

Angels and Demons, Cats and Frogs

So having slagged off poor old Dan Brown for Digital Fortress not too long ago I have to say time for a bit of humble pie eating... quick aside, I think one of the problems was Digital Fortress had been on my must read list for ages and when it followed a too predictable route I probably felt let down more than if it had been picked up at a station and read on the train there and then...

So I went to see the film Angels and Demons last night. What a great load of preposterous nonsense, Dan should cut out writing the books and go straight to cinema release. Robert Langden running around Rome whilst an anti-matter "bomb" ticks down under the Vatican actually worked really well as a relaxing couple of hours away from the mayhem. Best line... "I could use a map with all the churches in Rome on it.... I could use it now". Rivals the "I need to get to a library fast!" from DeVinchi Code.

So passable nonsense to numb the brain with...

Cats and frogs! One of the cats who live next door, who seem to spend ages in our garden thanks to Daughter-of-Futheron being way too familiar with them caused a right kerfuffle last night. I was finishing the washing up and had just called Mrs F in to answer a phone call when I see D-o-F running like mad around the garden. The cat had been stalking around the bush at the bottom and she'd been trying to get him out well he comes out with a frog and that is jumping about - he is trying to get it and D-o-F is having a meltdown! We caught the frog who was a bit injured poor thing and found a bucket with water and a stone in for him to rest in whilst we told the cat off. Later after dark and once the cat was gone Mrs F released Mr Fisher back into the bush and hopefully he'll move on now to somewhere the damn cat can't find it.


  1. You see a dog would sort that out!

  2. Yes and dig up all the plants, I've seen videos you know... :-)

  3. am a fully fledge cat person meself... they are bugger for this tho... My small little girl cat (Tessie) once pulled an f'in PIGEON in through the catflap! I kid you not!! It was as big as her!! As if that wasn't good enough, a while later she presented us with a LIVE BAT!! where the flip she got it from I no not... grim


  4. my cats bring me many gifts,today it was a lizard, missing his tail, but still able to get thru the cracks on the deck and escape. Not so lucky was a little mouse, all they left of that was a head and a set of that frog was pretty darn lucky!