Monday, 8 June 2009

It rains in Wales

Apparently there was an earthquake in Wales on Friday night but we weren’t there by then so I can safely say it was nothing to do with us.

We went to Wales on Saturday to collect Son-of-Furtherons belongings, he is coming back this week after sorting out his new accommodation today. There was a point somewhere in the Brecon’s on Saturday when if Noah had sailed past in his Ark I’d not have been surprised. Boy when it rains there it doesn’t muck about!

I was concerned we get everything in the car – which was daft as we have a large estate car and with the seats down we really didn’t have too much of a problem, the bigger problem now is that it is all dumped at home mostly in my sons bedroom and he really has some sorting out to do! Mrs F couldn’t stop herself and started last night emptying his clothes back into his cupboards etc. and filling up a charity bag with stuff she decided he no longer needs.

Coming home on Sunday the weather was nearly as bad as Saturday it was 8°C as we left. Mrs F drove the first half through the rain, we stopped on the M6 we’re still trying every route under the sun to/from Aberystwyth to figure out what is best… answer is… it takes 7 hours unless you are lucky end of story. I took over after lunch and the sun came out as we listened to the Grand Prix on the radio and by the time we got home it was 18°C sunny and I looked a twit with the big jumper I’d needed to put on in Wales.

It was lovely to see Son-of-Furtheron and we had a meal on Saturday with him and his girlfriend during which several times the girls insisted the conversation was reeled back from guitars and music to other more inclusive subjects. He is coming home tomorrow having sorted out his new accommodation today. Mrs F can’t wait she was going on about how excited she is he’ll soon be home. I wonder how long before their first row :-) Anyway I think he is off to visit his friend at Oxford in a couple of days so typically he’ll hardly be back then gone again.

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  1. Wait until he finishes finally. We have an estate but people stood round watching and applauded when we finally drove off. So much stuff.

    An earthquake? Probably my snoring with a block-up nose.