Tuesday, 16 June 2009

More proud parent moments

See a positive post after the last one... prompted by reading this, don't you love blogs that hit the spot instantly telling you what you've been missing or whatever...

Saturday night - Daughter-of-Furtheron was picked for the gala team for a swimming gala. She was in loads of races which was good but a bit "knackering" to use her phrase. Highlight was the Ladies 4x1 relay handicap. Handicaps are fun, the swimmers set off a different times, slowest swimmer (or team in this case) first up to the fastest based on the time entered. So as the race unfolds they all end up finishing really closely and of course the fastest doesn't necessarily win so all are in with a chance. You can swim up to a set number of seconds under your entered time, any faster and you are disqualified. So the other exciting thing is awaiting the result as you don't know who might be removed from the results. D-o-Fs team got into the final and it was really close finish with her team one of the fastest closing down the others throughout - and she swum the last length touching in third. But I had my suspicion the first to finish looked too fast and indeed they were so her team got silver behind their sister team from the club who got the trophy. Great stuff, and she is really enjoying her competing now but without it being a "win-at-all-costs-no-fun" obsession.

I should have mentioned in the LIMS post one of the best bits. My son and I wondered back to the Marshall booth when they had a "try it for yourself" time. I had a go on a JVM 100W head into a new Dave Mustaine cab and then the Haze 15W - the sales guy had been pushing me towards a JVM 50W combo rather than the Haze 40W based on his perception of flexibility etc. However the JVM is a more metal head beast I think. I hate trying things out my repertoire seems to reduce to about three chords and every run sounds like numpty pentatonic scale practice... cos it is!

I handed the Lag superstrat to Son-of-Furtheron who jumped at the chance to belt out on the JVM head and cab. He is not just good these days he is bloody brilliant! He is far better player than me already all pretty much self taught, I can't deny there was a hint of jealousy in me in that he is so bloody good already and he is only 18! However there was also a feeling of great pride - he is a kid with passion and purpose and that is something both my children seem to have and I'm so pleased we don't have that agony that some parents must have seeing their kids squander their potential.


  1. Thanks so much for linking me

    Sounds like you have 2 great children. I wish I could get Small Sprog interested in playing guitar. Don't be jealous of your son, it is because of you that he plays so well

    Sub :-)

  2. nice one.

    Looking forward to the father n son 'team up' video on the blog then eh?!

    Let him do the hard bits ;-)


  3. You and Son could be the next Simon & Garfunkel or the metal equivalent! (Be grateful - my first thought was Cannon & Ball!)

    Well done again to Daughter-of-Furtheron! I seem to be saying that on a regular basis. But I'mglad she's able to enjoy competing without the absolute necessity to win.