Monday, 22 June 2009

Lick Library impressions… is learning too much a mistake?

Whilst at the LIMS last week I bought a bargain… well it said it was :-) Half price the Lick Library DVD for learning a bunch of classic UFO… remember folks I’ve just rediscovered that great live album of my teenage years Strangers in the Night. Saturday afternoon I got the DVD out and had a go at Doctor Doctor. This is first time really I’ve used a DVD to learn like this and maybe I’ve been missing out as I made I think fast progress. My learning is that for me at least a visual reference of the tab or music is useful – I should transcribe the info in some way as I learn so that I can then nail it without needing the DVD. I want to finish off Doctor Doctor then head for Natural Thing next. Given I got it for £12.00 I think it was very good, Son-of-Furtheron bought two Metallica ones and is learning Sad But True off them at the moment. As my son pointed out though for the younger generation “I’d easily pay £50 for a game and another £10 for the book to help play the game so £25 isn’t a lot really”. Fair point and I suppose once you’ve learnt what you want maybe a Lick Library exchange with friends may be good. I ought to think about that maybe there is somewhere to set one up.

I was much more into guitar playing this weekend – dumb I know the weather was good and I’m in doors playing the guitar… oh well when the mood takes you and all that. However the one thing that this weekend made me think about was am I too diverse in my learning? I’ve been learning some new classical pieces at the moment, a minuet by Sor, Cannon by Pachelbell, some old ones I’ve reprised into my repertoire recently by Carulli, Carcassi etc.

So am I trying to learn too much at once. Maybe just concentrating on one, and mixing between rock and classical may well seem weird to others. However I love both. What the hell – as long as I’m happy what’s it matter eh?

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