Wednesday, 3 June 2009

How Sad

I was very sad to hear the tragic story of the deaths of the Puttick family at Beachy Head. When I first heard the story it was reported that three bodies were all found together - that was tragic enough but then to head the full story behind it is so sad.

Read about it here.

In summary - Sam was 5 and had been paralyzed from the neck down since a car crash in 2005. He died following a meningitis infection late last week. His devastated parents who somehow had coped through all his life with his disability then appear to have driven with Sams body to Beachy Head and then followed through with a suicide pact.

Bloody hell - stop you in your tracks stuff or what. This week has been a bit like that for me, the Susan Boyle thing I blogged about already, I was about to go on about MPs expenses today but frankly who gives a shit. Those parents were fantastic people - can I honestly say I would be able to cope with a child that was disabled like that? Honestly.. no I can't I'm afraid I don't know how I'd cope and whether actually I could.

A lot of stuff here recently has been about looking at where I am at the moment and taking stock of that... making a list of the positives on one hand and the negatives on the other - a proper inventory. All too often I dwell on the negative side and allow those things to completely over shadow the positives. I'll not do that today - I have so much to be grateful and thankful for. I'm so sorry about Kazumi and Neil - just from the praise pouring in for this couple that I've seen they are a massive loss to the world.

Right everyone - stop what you are doing now... RIGHT NOW! Focus on your nearest and dearest... what would it be like if they went unexpectedly? How would they feel if you went? Ok now all get on with our day remembering that and don't let the stupid petty shit around us all the time get in the way of what really matters.


  1. here here. Great post, top notch stuff... this is what bloggin was invented for.

    I initially found this story weird (when no facts were out), and it sounded like those horrible stories where a parent decides to kill themselves and involves the kids (that that bastard Foster guy who torched his house and family... the poor, poor daughter). As more and more has come out i've felt more and more upset. They sounded lovely people and they got kick in the teeth after kick in the teeth.

    I hope they are all at peace now, but so sad that this was the only way to find it.


  2. Well said, and thanks for the reminder. Hope things are ok with you.

  3. What a traged :( I had not heard of this. Been a busy week. This makes me stop though yes. Sick children are a lot to handle, and I think in a way you feel you failed them in some way.
    At least those were issues I had to deal with.

    I will stop and think of this family.

  4. that is super fucked up..
    I cant imagine my whole life revolving around anything..
    I love my children and I would have been sad if they would have died at 5 years old.
    If they had been handicapped I would have been lost with all the free time i suddenly had with their passing.

    But never would i have killed myself..

    Im not judging really..
    I just dont understand that mindset