Friday, 5 June 2009

Free music!

Spotify - have you tried it? I've been dredging my memory banks for old teenage albums. The first Supertramp one, now Babe Ruth! Anybody remember them? It's all there! Free - well with odd adverts but between tracks... Go Try.

Also free music to learn. I was looking about for some classical guitar music and stumbled across some sites I'd recommend if you want to learn some classical stuff.

Amazing this internet thingy isn't it... :-)


  1. Yup, just like finding a four-leaf clover for real!

    I will pass this on to my boy, he of the Fender Strat...and really getting into it right about now.

  2. I tried Spotify - good, but not many of the obscurities I was looking for - My fave Interweb gadget is the software that strips audio from youtube clips, Oh yes all those live performances and hard to find rarities can be ripped and stripped into mp3.

    Free too, if you know where to look

  3. Is Spotify similar to Is it still by invitation only?

  4. Don't know - Spotify wasn't by invitation when I was used it.