Thursday, 4 June 2009

A funny thing happened...

... on the way to the forum. Well no actually it was last night.

Wednesday evening. Mrs F and Daughter-of-Furtheron always visit the mother-in-law on a Wed. So I get home make a sandwich and sit down to watch whatever late night motorsport I've recorded. Aside note - why is it the only ads on Five at 3 in the morning about text chat lines? Anyway I watched the rest of the Indy 500 since last week for some reason Five only showed the last 36 laps I think it was. I'm sat there munching my cheese, ham and pickle sarni and think... "Bugger I didn't have lunch because Mrs F had left that spag bol for me". So as not to displease her I warmed it up and ate that too. I then felt completely bloated and she arrived back and said "You could have just frozen it". I could couldn't I... I'm going nuts.

Also the internet has been playing up - well our connection to it has been. Last night was infuriating as we were watching the dramatic climax to our latest eBay auction... a china Jemima Puddle Duck - we were the only bidder so frankly it wasn't that exciting. Hey bet you wish your life was this riproaring adrenaline filled rollercoaster. Anyway I'm cursing because the bloody thing is not working and then I finally look on the ISPs service status page... big notice that BT has screwed part of their network since last week and they had an outage planed to fix it. Funny I moan that my users don't look in the right place for the right info and I go do it myself.

Both these bits of useless info are brought to you by the fact I'd read others blogs and were reminded of the madcap antics of my life.


  1. Hey! Don't leave us hangin'.... did we get the china Jemima Puddle Duck or not??? sweatin here... ;-)


  2. Yes we did... no other bugger even bid for it!!! Mrs Tiggywinkle turned up today.

  3. Yes, youre clearly out of control. At what point did you consider getting into the jacuzzi? lol

  4. It's age you know.

    Aw, Mrs Tiggywinkle.