Monday, 1 June 2009

Living the dream

I’m glad to say I never watched one second of the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent. I really hate these kind of shows I have to say, I know that they give some people a break they might never get and give others hope etc. etc. but I just find them awful.

I did watch Susan on YouTube as everyone was on about it and thought I need to find out about that and it confirmed my worst fears of the show, the panel dismissing her due to her dress sense and look etc. Then the surprised faces all round when she sang… sorry being someone who doesn’t look like a swimsuit model doesn’t mean you lack artistic talent…

What is the real tragedy of the show now is of course the news that she sadly is in a clinic. I wish her well and hope she has a speedy recovery and gets the very best help for her problems.

To me this really ought to be the story of the whole thing. Think and look very carefully at what you believe you want especially if that desire is driven but the unrealistic expectations that much of the media push on us today. I remember some while back on a TV show seeing a group of youngsters about 9 or 10 years old interviewed. They all wanted to be “famous”, when pushed not for anything specific just “famous”. The cult of celebrity and of instant fame through shows like this is one of my biggest bugbears in modern society, it’s the instant gratification, the implication that you don’t need to work hard and develop yourself at all just expect it all now. Okay when I was there age I would have said I wanted to be like Jimi Hendrix or Peter Osgood – 1970 I remember it well!! But you see I associated fame and fortune through an excellence at something be it playing a guitar whilst on fire or nodding a ball into the net in a football match.

Against these kind of things are other obvious shining exceptions… Seasick Steve for example where he has been a poor hustling performer who late in life is pushed to fame but by then has life so well sussed he pretty much doesn’t seem to accept his new found status as anything special.

So “living the dream”… for me for years I constantly thought the grass was greener next door, the next pub would have the party in it, my job was grinding me down, etc. etc. One day when I stopped for a moment and actually looked around I was a little shocked to find I actually was “living the dream” ok there are always a few warts here and there but you know it couldn’t be a lot better… plus I can go anywhere I like without anyone caring pretty much. Maybe that would be better for Susan in the long run?


  1. You are right... the 'Big Brother' culture has a lot to answer for. I can't remember people just wanting to be famouse before this prog came about. People like Jordan, Katona and of course the queen of them all Jade made a lot of money out of being very ordinary (dare I say useless??)... and good luck to them, who wouldn't if they could get away with it. But it's had an impact hasn't it?

    Me? I wanted to be Giles the cartoonist! (realy!)


  2. A life affirming post there Furtheron - happiness is often starting right at us eh without searching too far and wide! I hope Susan recovers soon aswell, what a voice eh?

  3. Yup, pretty much says it all. Too true.

  4. I know what you mean! It's just that way, no matter what we're doing we sometimes wonder "What might have been", but usually realize how lucky we are (if we're lucky!).

    I love your thoughts... they make me think as well.

    Your "Ask AJ" will go up at midnight if you're curious.

  5. Piley - what an ambition - you should still give that one a go... do they have cartoonists like him now? I remember my aunt always bought my Dad the Giles annual for Christmas when I was a kid... I used to love the characters in there.

  6. I always roll my eyes when one of the american idols say "I've worked so hard and have wanted this for so long"... I always .. Ur 17!!! What do mean u worked hard? All u did was stand in a long line of contestants. ::-P