Thursday, 2 July 2009

Having a bath

The swimming pool I use in the mornings has a problem with the water heating system.

Last week the pool was cool, then cold. Daughter-of-Furtheron swam in a gala there on Sat night and moaned that it was too cold and actually was cold on pool side as a result which is most unusual; it wasn't in the gallery where we were sat! BTW it was a team relay gala and she swam really well given she was in the U15 category - she is 13 although her swimming age is 14, the ASA has a system where everyone effectively has a birthday on 1st Jan. Therefore she was one of the youngest in that age group - she had a couple of really good races where she held her own pretty well against stiff opposition.

Well it was fixed over the weekend and I gleefully told D-o-F on Tuesday morning that it was nice and warm. Well today it was 34°C!!! It was stupid, my bath isn't normally that hot. Trying to swim with any pace was crazy and the deep end, in shadow etc. was cooler and each lap you longed for that moment of some respite. I gave up somewhere around 40 something lengths.

I gave up trying to dry myself off as well as the sweat just kept pouring off me! That probably isn't a pleasant image - apologies.


  1. Ewwwwww!! Gosh, 40 lengths sounds plenty to me!

    I have a bit of a phobia about swimming pools! Don't like sharing other peoples detritus!