Monday, 13 July 2009

Book Review - The Hunt For Atlantis – Andy McDermott

On the face of it this looked an ideal book for me, a bizarre historically led modern age thriller with an archaeologist who had found where Atlantis was and was stopping some loony who was wanting to stop the world finding out about it.

It wasn’t a bad thriller if somewhat unbelievable throughout. However the author goes for very over the top action sequences that read like a script from James Bond, Mission Impossible films. That is okay but there did seem to be far too many of them in the book to me.

Will I try another one his books? Possibly. Definitively a light read with plenty of action in it. I just wished for a little more depth to it, even the twist towards the end was so telegraphed throughout the book that did little to surprise you… other than that the very very bright scholar who was leading the search for Atlantis never once bothered to ask some questions I think the rest of us would have asked long before she did.

I don’t know if my reading tastes are changing but often now I seem to want something deeper from my thrillers rather than the light plot with plenty of car chases etc. I can get that through any Hollywood movie, when I read I’d like to stretch my mind a bit more. :-)


  1. Sadly, the only thrillers I have been into these days have been Michael Jacksons.

    I know, I am a complex soul...

  2. Not exactly thrillers, but a couple of books I could not put down are Labrynth and Sepulchre by Kate Mosse - thouroughly recommended and well written