Thursday, 30 July 2009

So what is going on?

A lot!

Firstly I’m now off to Sonicsphere at the weekend unexpectedly with my son. He has ended up without the person he expected to attend and immediately he wanted me to go… given Mrs F and I bought the tickets as his birthday present in the first place that seems fair! Looking forward to the music, Metallica, Heaven & Hell, Linkin Park, Coheed & Cambria top the list. Add to that Thunders last ever gig – I’ve never seen them but had an album I liked a long time back (Back Street Symphony) and I’ll try to make it to that. Hundred Reasons are another band I like and they are there on the Sunday as well as Feeder who I quiet like. My son is into Mastadon and Lamb of God, so all good on the music front. However…

Camping!? Yes camping – I’ve not camped since I was about 18 on a holiday to Switzerland. And the weather looks just rubbish for Saturday. Great!

Work – very stressed out not help by the holiday coming up and being away at the weekend now. I’m just completing 3 months in this new role and the turbulence appears to be a constant feature. I need to

  • ask for more advice and help and not believe
    • I know all the answers
    • appear stupid for asking
  • accept many others feel similar I’m not unique
  • it’s not the end of the world (I tend to catastrophise a lot)

Music – had some contacts with people that look interesting. Problem is finding the time to meet up with them as I’m so busy!

I had half thought of blowing the blog away – I’m not spending long here and not getting around to those I read. But I did all that last year about this time when I felt it was all going a bit Pete Tong and then set up this blog so I’ll stay here when I can and if I find I’m only writing to myself in a few months then blow it away.

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  1. Uh oh, weather forecast not good for the weekend. But who believes the weathermen?

    I was talking to my (AA) friend about you the other night. Don't give up blogging: just do it when you can.

    Hope you enjoy all those bands I've never heard of anyway!