Thursday, 9 April 2009

The collection grows.

So you know that Mrs F has for sometime been concerned with my guitar avarice well she is now rolling her eyes as she sees Son-of-Furtheron clearly carries the same gene...

He was very impressed with my bargain PRS CE22 that I got a little while back. He has been looking for something with a bit more versatility than his ESP LTD EC-1000 VB - that is a very good guitar, I think the VB should stand for very black, but it is very METAL!! :-)

So he saw a similar PRS CE22 and when it's price tumbled to £799 his agreement with his Mum to spend some long term bond interest he'd accured was secured.

So now we have two PRS's in the family and Son-of-Furtheron has taken the first step into multiple guitar ownership... they'll be no hope for him now. It is in really top nick for a 7 year old guitar, no dents or dings on the front, sides, neck or headstock and only the mildest form of "buckle rash" on the back, honestly you have to move it in the light to notice really. Case in very good condition as well, I doubt it has done much if any real gigging. All original h/w including spare locking inserts for the tuners, all the original shipping tags and paperwork. Hmm - I thought mine was a bargain but given the price and condition of this one I think he stolen first base from me on that one.

It arrive yesterday evening after a bit of a nightmare with the shipping company, one we've had issues with in the past frankly. I don't know if it is just our local depot but frankly - bloody useless. It should have been with us on Tuesday morning!

Now I said the other day - no ads on this blog - I stand by that but I will recommend where I see appropriate. So I do throughly recommend Mark at Guitars4You, he was a pleasure to deal with really helpful on the shipping issue and also when I told him that my CE22 had inexplicabily had it's PRS locking tuners removed at some point in it's life he offered to get some puka replacements direct from PRS's distributors for me at only cost price as we were buying the guitar as well... which was hugely discounted. They arrived quicker than the guitar! He is also sending a free set of strings as apology for the delivery delay - which wasn't his fault... Quality! Top service and throughly recommended.

Final note about guitars for today - a local repairer is going to look at my acoustic next week to see what kind of repair is possible, I'll be happy with some form of patch up if he can, even if noticeable as the guitar has more sentimental value than monetary. Also one of the tuners has played up recently so I might get him to do that too if he can refinish it and lastly I'll probably get him to do a pro job on fitting the PRS tuners on my blue one. I'll try and post some photos before and after for interest.

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  1. There's a banjo in my loft. Not really the same thing though I suppose....

    Best guitar sound? ZZ Top "Legs". I'm just an old perv ;-)