Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The wife's birthday

Yesterday (Tues 14th April) was the wife's birthday. We didn't do much although I had the day off work, just headed to Bluewater, well it is my daughters favourite place. I bought my wife a new phone for her birthday... guess what? She can't hear that one either!!! My daughter is the same - you ring and ring and it's buried in it's "sock" in the handbag and they are gassing to each other etc. If she ever phones me and it goes to voicemail she is straight on my case as to "Where were you?" etc. Still I suppose some of that is a lifetime of distrust of an alcohlic.

My wife is popular, several friends called around later in the day with gifts and cards for her. She is lucky... I'm lucky too.


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday to Mrs F! I hope it wsa breakfast in bed.

  2. You are very lucky indeed.

  3. Actually, I don't know if it's the mistrust of a recovering alcoholic or just inherent to the female genes. My daughters, sister, mother, girlfriends, ex-wife all seem incapable of answering their phones, but, like you said, it's Spanish Inquisition time if I don't answer by ring one. I would go on to make a comment about female hypocrisy, but do I really need to?