Thursday, 2 April 2009

At the risk of causing myself trouble...

I still have no idea/news on the job front.

To recap - in early Feb I was told my "role was eliminated" as part of a restructuring of the department. Fair enough. I looked over a bunch of roles that were advertised but basically I had done all of them pretty much in some manner in the last 10 years or so and couldn't see how any of them either would excite me or add new stuff to my CV. So I didn't apply.

There was another role however that is in an adjacent department, reporting into the USA directly. That did have some sense of a career move for me with additions to the CV. So I applied. I was interviewed two weeks ago. Now I'm still waiting. I know I pointed out a number of concerns about acountability and authority within the role but... I mean if I was that much of a trouble maker then just politely tell me to move on. I've a meeting on Monday to "discuss the proposal" to make me redundant. My brother said I should decline the meeting saying "I don't want to discuss it thanks".

Frankly I'm fed up waiting, it's really maddening. It's like my whole life is on hold. I've been applying for a few things I've seen at other places but without full commitment as I don't know whether I'm here or there. I can't organise simple things like when to take my son back to uni at the end of the month as I don't know if I'll have a job or not...

Infuriating, frustrating, debilitating etc.

It is a very high class problem to have I know but it is sucking all my energy up and I'm getting to the point of possibly on Monday just saying "I'm fed up being jerked about. How can it have taken so long to make a decision? I'll be off now then"


  1. I hate stuff in life that imobilises you. Hope it works out soon.

    Thanks for visiting me :)

  2. Went for my first interview in 16 years today. Fat chance of landing it but the experience was good by way of a bit of a warm up to remind me how this whole ridiculous process works. It was a laugh.

  3. thats what I went through waiting and waiting and waiting ..
    after awhile you just get pissed off.