Thursday, 23 April 2009

Marillion live vids

Thank you whoever you are... with one of Mr S Rothery's stunning melodic and apt guitar solos.

Fantastic Place - which is one of my all time fav songs

I LOVE Marillion - their music always uplifts me and inspires me. Hence I thought I'd share these two classics for anyone who doesn't know them. I hope you are inclinded to go find out more at their website.

As an aside - I'm in the audience in both these, the first from the Somewhere Else tour and recorded at the Forum - that was the time on three successive days I went to a gig, my own make do stay at home festival, Megadeth, Marillion and Muse on successive nights. Actually I have a DVD of bothe Marillion and Muse gigs from those occasions as well.

Fantastic Place was recorded at the now sadly lamented old Astoria on the Marbles tour. I'd only come out of rehab a few days before and that gig was a revelation - I went to a gig, didn't drink and really enjoyed it... I'll be honest I nearly didn't go as I didn't think I'd do it. Mrs F came with me to "hold my hand" that night.


  1. There's a great piece in Captain Sensible's blog about his kit and equipment - well worth checking (forget his court jest rep - he's actually a mighty guitarist, almost prog-punk)

    You can check it here...

  2. Thanks for sharing this...and congratualtions on your sobriety.

  3. Never thought much on Marillion but I LOVED the 'night in on my tod' post you did.
    Fingerpicking eludes me to this day that's why I enjoyed it so much.

  4. Wonderful music.

    My favorite part? Not only did you "do it" but you had Mrs. F to hold your hand.

    Love is a powerful thing...