Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday walk

We went for a long walk around some woods near Canterbury, lovely day. Then had tea and a hot cross bun in a cafe. :-) Millions of ants


  1. In the cafe? It's been a lovely day though.

    Hope you have a great Easter!

  2. MMMmm! Tea and Hot Cross Buns has been the order of the day at Piley Towers too!! I love HCB's, and in days gone by they were a real treat too... now they seem to be on sale almost all year round, so doesnt feel as special anymore... Hmm, think I may nip down now for just one more!


  3. @Liz - no in the woods... I should have reread that before posting

  4. Such a great thing to do! Scenic, relaxing... hope you have a great weekend!

  5. That looks so beautiful, I wish Id walked there today :)

    Happy Easter

  6. i love little spring flowers ..
    that always perks me right up :)
    did ya'll make out a bit behind a tree?